Contract Charter

Should you be interested in engaging the services of Deanston Cooper in relation to Temporary / Contract Recruitment the following process will apply:

Given the fast paced nature of temporary / contract assignments, the Consultant will usually obtain details by telephone i.e. job description, start date, length of contract, expected pay rate, working hours, average length of working week and location.

  • The Consultant will contact all relevant candidates on our database in order to brief them on the role, company and contract details. At present we have over 10 000 candidates registered on our database as being interested in temporary / contract work, many of whom have been previously placed by us and whose abilities are well known to us.
  • It is always our aim to meet every interested candidate face to face prior to the submission of their CV although given the time constraints of temporary / contract recruitment this is not always possible. As a minimum the Consultant will carry out an extensive telephone interview, in order to assess the overall quality of the candidate, their previous employment history and their suitability to the role and organisation.
  • We aim within 24 hours of taking the booking to provide a shortlist of the best candidates CV’s and a small profile on each candidate highlighting previous experience which is relevant to the role, hourly charge rate and candidate availability. We offer full transparency with regard to rates charged.
  • We will require feedback from you on each of the CVs submitted within 24 hours. This will be relayed back to candidates within the following 24 hours.
  • Should interviews be required for the position, we will fully brief the candidates and both parties will receive written confirmation by email.
  • Once interviews have taken place, we will contact you within 24 hours in order to obtain your feedback on each candidate. We will relay this to the candidate and notify you of their feedback within the following 24 hours.
  • Should you wish to proceed to offer a temporary / contract role to a candidate, we will draw up the relevant contract documentation and the Consultant will arrange to meet the candidate face to face in order to have this signed. We will check their eligibility to work in the UK and place two references on file. Copies of these are available if requested.
  • We will also obtain copies of the candidates Ltd Company Certificate of Incorporation and VAT Certificate and ensure that Indemnity Cover is in place for a minimum of £1 million.
  • Prior to the contract commencement the Consultant will arrange to visit you in order to have the contract countersigned and a copy will be provided for your records. We are unable to supply candidates on a temporary / contract basis if we are not in receipt of signed contracts.
  • By maintaining regular contact we will ensure that both parties are aware of start date instructions.
  • Contractors will be provided with a timesheet which must be completed weekly. The client needs to provide an authorised person to sign the 'Verification of Execution of Consultancy Services' section and ensure that the timesheet is returned to us by email before 5pm on Monday of each week. Timesheets returned after this deadline cannot be processed and the contractor will not be paid.
  • Invoices and authorised timesheets are submitted weekly for payment.

Throughout the course of the assignment we will remain in regular contact with both parties in order to alleviate any issues which may arise. We will also visit the contractor at their place of work during this time.

Please however remember to notify us:

  • If the contractor books any annual leave.
  • If the contractor fails to attend work for any reason.
  • If you require the contractor to work on a different site, as we may need to amend the contract to ensure the contractors payment can be processed.
  • If you are ending the contractors assignment.
  • If you would like to offer the contractor permanent employment.

Should a replacement contractor be required for any reason over the course of the assignment, we will supply suitable substitutes.