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  • April 05, 2017

scape scotland robertsonProcurement organisation Scape Group has appointed Robertson as lead contractor to the Scottish lot of a £7 billion national construction framework.

With a total value of £750 million, the Major Works Scotland framework includes projects such as regeneration schemes, schools, universities and colleges, hospitals, central government buildings and housing ranging between £2m to £20m.

Willmott Dixon, Wates and Lendlease have been appointed as lead contractors for the other four national frameworks, which has the highest total value of any framework ever procured in the UK.

Lot Region Lot value Project value Contractor
1 Major works – England & Northern Ireland £1.5bn to £1.75bn £2m-£20m Willmott Dixon
2 Major works – Wales £300m to £500m £2m-£20m Willmott Dixon
3 Major works – Scotland £500m to £750m £2m-£20m Robertson
4 Major works – UK £1.5bn to £2bn £10m-£50m Wates
5 Principal works – UK £1.5bn to £2bn £50m+ Lendlease

Scape, through its suite of frameworks in conjunction with its partners, has delivered projects to a value of £268m in Scotland including new schools and much-needed affordable housing.

This new offering will considerably increase delivery capacity across the country.

Where the value of a project exceeds £20m public sector clients in Scotland can access the Major Works UK or Principal Works (UK) frameworks which comply with Scottish procurement legislation.

Mark Robinson, Scape Group chief executive, said: â€œThe competition for this framework was fierce and the quality of bids extremely high. Robertson evidenced the right blend of quality and value, along with the expertise and capacity to deliver the diverse needs of the public sector in Scotland both now and in the future.

“The Scottish Government has invested considerably in housing and infrastructure in recent years, so a robust and stable delivery model led by strong contractors and supported by local enterprise, like Major Works Scotland, is vital for continuing this momentum. The possible Brexit cost to the Scottish construction sector due to a loss of EU talent, the increased costs of building material imports and higher tariffs is also potentially significant, so Major Works Scotland will be an important delivery option for the public sector as we progress through the next four years.

“Governed by our rigorous performance management processes, we will ensure Major Works Scotland continues our proven track record of speed and quality of delivery, with social value sitting at the heart of project success. Construction is a cornerstone of the economy in Scotland and the new framework provides significant opportunities for SMEs and microbusinesses across the country, with current projections estimating the supply chain to feature over 1,500 businesses.”

Bill Robertson, executive chairman and founder, Robertson Group, said: “As Robertson Group reaches the end of its 50th year in business, I can think of no better way to mark the occasion than with our appointment to the Scape Major Works Scotland framework. We already have a strong partnership with Scape, working to deliver 46 projects at a value of almost £450m.

“Together we are building new affordable homes, schools and justice facilities, all of which are helping to support SMEs and transform communities across Scotland. From the Western Isles to the Scottish Borders, the work we have facilitated through Scape has made a real difference – and we look forward to delivering even more over the forthcoming years.”

The incumbent Scape National Major Works framework has an upper value of £1.25bn over four years. The National Construction framework will fully replace Major Works from May 2017.