Permanent Charter

Should you be interested in engaging the services of Deanston Cooper in relation to permanent recruitment, the following process will apply:

  • The first stage in any potential recruitment assignment is a meeting with one of our specialist Consultants in order to ensure that we have a full understanding of your organisation, culture, the position to be filled and the characteristics of the ideal candidate. The meeting is consultative in nature and gives you the opportunity to ask about market conditions, candidate availability, suitable salaries and package etc.
  • We will discuss with you the recruitment solution and candidate acquisition strategy which will guarantee a successful outcome as well as the process to be followed and timescales.
  • We will agree fee rates to be charged for the services rendered and issue you with a copy of our Terms and Conditions of Business. It is essential that we receive a signed copy of these terms prior to the commencement of the assignment.
  • Every candidate generated as a result of the candidate acquisition strategy will be face to face interviewed by one of our industry experienced Consultants, who will assess the overall quality of the candidate, previous employment history, suitability to the role and organisation and motivation for looking for a new position. Candidates will be fully briefed at this stage on the opportunity, company, future career progression and salary package on offer.
  • Two references will be placed on file, copies of which are available if requested.
  • A shortlist of the best candidates CV's will be presented to you alongside a small profile on each candidate highlighting previous experience which is relevant to the role, details of their current position and job title, salary expectations, notice period and interview availability.
  • Given the current fast paced climate in recruitment we will require feedback from you on each of the CVs submitted within 48 hours. This will be relayed back to candidates within the following 24 hours.
  • Candidates who have been successful for interview will be fully briefed and both parties will receive written confirmation by email.
  • Once interviews have taken place, we will contact you within 24 hours in order to obtain your feedback on each candidate. We will relay this to the candidate and notify you of their feedback within the following 24 hours.
  • Details of any offers of employment will be passed to the candidate verbally in the first instance although we are happy to handle written offers of employment. Any concerns a candidate may have with regards to joining the organisation will be notified to you immediately in order that these can be properly considered and addressed.
  • The successful candidate will be managed throughout their notice period and any subsequent buy back offers. By maintaining regular contact we will ensure that both parties are aware of start dates and instructions for the first day of employment.
  • We will remain in contact with both client and candidate for the first three months of employment in order to monitor progress and make their transition into the new role and organisation as smooth as possible. After this period there will be no further contact with the candidate.
  • A detailed invoice will be submitted to you on the candidate's start date.